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The value of adding chlorhexidine to urine drainage bags of male patients treated with indwelling catheters after prostatectomy and other transurethral operations was assessed in a randomised, prospective, controlled was assessed in a randomised, prospective, controlled study. Chlorhexidine kept the contents of all drainage bags sterile, but the frequency(More)
B and T lymphocytes have been measured in 100 women--71 patients with breast cancer and 29 controls--using sheep-erythrocyte rosetting techniques. Compared with controls (healthy women or patients with benign breast disease), there is a highly significant depression of T-cell percentage in all stages of breast cancer except locally advanced (stage 3)(More)
  • W P Abram, M Baum, D A Berstock, D Brinkley, J Cuzick, K R Durrant +19 others
  • 2007
In 1980 the Cancer Research Campaign launched a multi-centre breast cancer trial; aimed at repeating the Scandinavian Chemotherapy Study Group's cyclophosphamide trial, and the NATO tamoxifen study; thereby further evaluating the role of these two adjuvant regimens in patients with early breast cancer. Two thousand two hundred and thirty women were(More)
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