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Self-phase modulation has been observed for ultrashort pulses of wavelength 800nm propagating through a 1 cm-long Ta2O5 rib waveguide. The associated nonlinear refractive index n2 was estimated to be 7.23x10-19 m2/W, which is higher than silica glass by more than one order of magnitude. Femtosecond time of flight measurements based on a Kerr shutter(More)
We present the numerical investigation of the optical limiting behavior based on coupled nonlinear plasmonic waveguides. Exploiting the strong localization of the electromagnetic fields at metal-dielectric interfaces, significant enhancement of the nonlinear absorption was achieved. Two types of optical limiters (OLs), one based on the enhanced optical Kerr(More)
We demonstrate an as yet unused method to sieve, localize, and steer plasmonic hot spot within metallic nano-interstices close to percolation threshold. Multicolor superlocalization of plasmon mode within 60 nm was constantly achieved by chirp-manipulated superresolved four wave mixing (FWM) images. Since the percolated film is strongly plasmonic active and(More)
we report on significant mode splitting in plasmonic resonators induced by intracavity resonance. In contrast to traditional dielectric resonators where only picometer range of splitting was achieved, splitting over several hundred nanometers can be obtained without using ultrahigh quality resonators. We show that by appropriately choosing the coupling(More)
Comprehensive studies were carried out to understand the origin of the current hysteresis effects in highly efficient C60-CH3NH3PbI3(MAPbI3) heterojunction solar cells, using atomic-force microscopy, transmittance spectra, photoluminescence spectra, X-ray diffraction patterns and a femtosecond time-resolved pump-probe technique. The power conversion(More)
Directly written by a ultra-short femto-second laser pulse, we report the phase separation and pattern formation induced by polymerization in a liquid-crystal-monomer mixture. By varying the scanning speed of optical fields along a line, pattern transitions of photon-induced polymer structures are illustrated in shapes of double-humped, single-humped, and(More)
We report the application of third-harmonic generation (THG) to study photon-echo-associated coherent molecular states. Two temporally separated circularly polarized laser pulses are focused into a cell containing I(2) vapor to create the coherent dipole moments. A delayed oppositely circularly polarized pulse is then focused into the same region to(More)
We report on the propagation characteristics of a plasmonic waveguide structure based on two coupled rectangular wedges. Dispersion, propagation loss, and field distributions are investigated by three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain method. The considered structure supports only one supermode over 30THz bandwidth, and the calculated propagation(More)
Broadband exciton dynamics in P3HT:PCBM blended film was observed by the femtosecond time-resolved photoluminescence sum-frequency technique. Onsager-Braun theory is applied to analyze the distribution of charge transfer radius at different energy levels. In our evaluation, the optimal diameter of P3HT fiber is about 14.3 nm for achieving the best exciton(More)
we develop a precise modelling where nonlocal electro-opto-thermal interactions are comprehensively included for the analysis of nonlinear Raman enhancement and plasmonic heating. An interaction enhancement factor G(IEF) is introduced to quantify the coupling between the electromagnetic field and the temperature field which is rarely considered in the(More)