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We computer scientists face at least two problems in promoting the use of computerized data-base systems: 1) some important data might be missing; 2) there might be errors in the data. Both of these problems can be quite serious. If they cannot be solved, it will be quite hard to convince potential users that computerized information systems are useful.
Two problems in the use of computerized data base systems are: (1) How can we estimate the values for missing data? (2) How can we improve data integrity, that is, reduce the number of errors in the data? The tool that we introduce to attack these problems is clustering analysis. Experimental results indicate that our method is feasible. Our algorithm(More)
Asynchronous online discussions are common in online and blended courses. This study examined the impact of online discussions in blended undergraduate courses in three disciplines: educational technology, engineering, and English education. Results showed that students from all courses were comfortable using online discussions and saw them as a way to(More)
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