C T Maliszewska

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Distal deletion of chromosome 3p25-pter (3p- syndrome) produces a distinct clinical syndrome characterised by low birth weight, mental retardation, telecanthus, ptosis, and micrognathia. Congenital heart disease (CHD), typically atrioventricular septal defect (AVSD), occurs in about a third of patients. In total, approximately 25 cases of 3p- syndrome have(More)
The case of a young man with del(2) (p11.2p13) is reported. Accounts of previous cases of deletion of the short arm of chromosome 2 are reviewed. Common features include mental retardation, proportional short stature and weight, dysmorphic facial features (a prominent nose, abnormal ears), and abnormal hands. Growth and developmental delay are present(More)
AIMS To survey the diagnostic service provided by UK laboratories for the culture of solid tissue samples (excluding tumours) and in particular to examine the variation in culture success rates and the problems of maternal cell overgrowth. METHODS Twenty seven laboratories took part in a collaborative survey during 1992. Each laboratory submitted data on(More)
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