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Microbial risk assessment is emerging as a new discipline in risk assessment. A systematic approach to microbial risk assessment is presented that employs data analysis for developing parsimonious models and accounts formally for the variability and uncertainty of model inputs using analysis of variance and Monte Carlo simulation. The purpose of the paper(More)
— Cloud Computing (CC) is emerging as the next generation platform which would facilitate the user on pay as you use mode as per requirement. It provides a number of benefits which could not otherwise be realized. The primary aim of CC is to provide efficient access to remote and geographically distributed resources. A scheduling algorithm is needed to(More)
Many methods for computing optical ow (image motion vector) have been proposed while others continue to appear. Block-matching methods are widely used because of their simplicity and easy implementation. The motion vector is uniquely de ned, in block-matching methods, by the best t of a small reference subblock from a previous image frame in a larger,(More)
OBJECTIVES Few studies have investigated overweight trajectories and psychosocial adjustment among adolescents. We conducted analyses with data from the multisite Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development (SECCYD). METHODS The sample included 1350 youths born in 1991. Data consisted of repeated measures of weight, height, and multiple subscales of(More)
Recent studies have shown that a more efficient use of airspace may involve shared airspace operations, i.e., temporal as well as spatial separation of arrival and departure flows [1, 2]. Temporal separation would permit a departure aircraft to fly through an arrival flow, depending on an available gap. This would necessitate careful and precise(More)
Systems implementation is an important topic, and numerous studies have been conducted to identify determinants of success. Among organizational factors that have been theorized to have an impact on success, top management support and training are two of the most widely studied. While the positive influence of both of these organizational factors is(More)
A human-in-the-loop simulation conducted in the Airspace Operations Laboratory (AOL) at NASA Ames Research Center explored the feasibility of a Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) solution to address airspace and airport capacity limitations in and around the New York metropolitan area. A week-long study explored the feasibility of a new(More)
INTRODUCTION We aimed to identify developmental trajectories of cigarette use and risk factors associated with the distinct developmental courses of smoking in Chinese early adolescents from age 12 to 16 years. METHODS Analysis was conducted with secondary data from a longitudinal, prospective cohort of 3,521 Chinese adolescents randomly selected from 4(More)