C.T.L. Smeenk

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We apply tomography, a general method for reconstructing 3-D distributions from multiple projections, to reconstruct the momentum distribution of electrons produced via strong field photoionization. The projections are obtained by rotating the electron distribution via the polarization of the ionizing laser beam and recording a momentum spectrum at each(More)
Highly excited molecular species are at play in the chemistry of interstellar media and are involved in the creation of radiation damage in a biological tissue. Recently developed ultrashort extreme ultraviolet light sources offer the high excitation energies and ultrafast time-resolution required for probing the dynamics of highly excited molecular states(More)
The short-lived longitudinal plasma oscillations generated during filamentation in argon and nitrogen gas are measured with a specially designed current monitor. The magnitude and initial direction of the corresponding currents depend sensitively on laser polarization and nature of the gas. The results are interpreted as resulting from the competition(More)
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