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(95% CI 8·8–11·4) and diastolic, 4·5 mm Hg (3·9–5·1). Active treatment reduced the total rate of stroke from 13·7 to 7·9 endpoints per 1000 patient-years (42% reduction; p=0·003). Non-fatal stroke decreased by 44% (p=0·007). In the active treatment group, all fatal and non-fatal cardiac endpoints, including sudden death, declined by 26% (p=0·03). Non-fatal(More)
Eight men volunteers each smoked a single cirgarette containing 14C-nicotine and gave arterial blood samples during and for 50 minutes after smoking. The maximum concentration of nicotine in the arterial blood ranged from 31 to 41 mug/l in four regular cigarette smokers who inhaled. Two non-smokers achieved maximum levels of 2 and 4 mug/l. On a separate(More)
BACKGROUND Isolated systolic hypertension occurs in about 15% of people aged 60 years or older. In 1989, the European Working Party on High Blood Pressure in the Elderly investigated whether active treatment could reduce cardiovascular complications of isolated systolic hypertension. Fatal and non-fatal stroke combined was the primary endpoint. METHODS(More)
A double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial of antihypertensive treatment was conducted in patients over the age of 60. Entry criteria included both a sitting diastolic blood pressure on placebo treatment in the range 90-119 mm Hg and a systolic pressure in the range 160-239 mm Hg. 840 patients were randomised either to active treatment(More)
Interaction between the tricyclic antidepressant desipramine and the antihypertensive agent clonidine has been investigated in five hypertensive patients in a double-blind placebo controlled study. Introduction of the tricyclic antidepressant led to loss of blood pressure control in four of the patients. The average blood pressure rise in the desipramine(More)
Retinal changes in accelerated hypertension were studied in seventeen monkeys with experimental hypertension by means of ophthalmoscopy and colour and flourescence photography during life, and by injection and digest preparations and light and electron microscopy after the animals had been killed. Cotton-wool spots developed in all but three monkeys. The(More)
1 The metabolism and the accumulation of (+/-)-propranolol have been studied in isolated lungs of the rat, perfused with an artificial medium. 2 Little or no metabolism took place during the perfusion periods (up to 10 minutes). 3 Accumulation was observed with high tissue/medium ratios for substrate concentrations of 0.2 muM to 1 mM; there was evidence for(More)
HE inhalation of radioactive oxygen (0 ir ') with external chest counting allows the measurement of regional ventilation and oxygen uptake in the lung. 1 The subject inhales a measured volume of air containing a minute amount of oxygen-15 and holds his breath for 10 to 15 seconds. The initial peak counting rate is determined by the ventilation of the core(More)