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OBJECTIVES This paper reports on a statistically significant association between alcohol use and deployment to the 2003 Iraq War. It assesses the occupational factors and deployment experiences associated with heavy drinking in regular UK servicemen deployed to Iraq in the first phase of the 2003 Iraq War (Operation TELIC 1, the military codename for the(More)
A new inertial systems terminology standard is being developed by the IEEE/AESS Gyro and Accelerometer Panel for consideration by the IEEE Standards Board as IEEE Std 1559. It is intended to be a companion to IEEE Std 528-2001, IEEE Standard for Inertial Sensor Terminology. These two documents as well as IEEE standards that have been published for single-(More)
  • C T Barker
  • Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps
  • 2004
OBJECTIVE To raise awareness within the Defence Medical Services regarding the potential effect of post-alcohol impairment / alcohol hangover. METHOD Literature relating to post-alcohol impairment / alcohol hangover, and the evidence for impairment is reviewed, with discussion relating to UK Armed Forces. CONCLUSION The evidence for performance(More)
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