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The distribution and optical absorption characteristics of chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) were systematically investigated along three meridional transects in the North Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea conducted as part of the 2003 US CLIVAR/CO 2 Repeat Hydrography survey. Hydrographic transects covered in aggregate a latitudinal range of 51(More)
This paper concerns the description of large surface water waves in realistic ocean spectra and explains how fully nonlinear wave modelling can be applied in practical design calculations. In particular, the proposed methodology incorporates: (i) the transitory nature of individual waves or wave groups arising in a random or irregular sea involving a(More)
Experimental observations are presented of a single surface-piercing column subject to a wide range of surface gravity waves. With the column diameter, D, chosen such that the flow lies within the drag-inertia regime, two types of high-frequency wave scattering are identified. The first is driven by the run-up and wash-down on the surface of the column in(More)
This paper concerns the description of surface water waves, specifically nonlinear changes in the directionality. Supporting calculations are provided to establish the best method of directional wave generation, the preferred method of directional analysis and the inputs on which such a method should be based. These calculations show that a random(More)
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