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High impedance faults (HIFs) on distribution systems create unique challenges for the protection engineer. HIFs that occur do not produce enough fault current to be detectable by conventional overcurrent relays or fuses. This report presents a brief synopsis of what has transpired to date. It is based heavily on the history and application of today's(More)
method used for stability analysis. Florida-Georgia Interface and its Two Machine Equivalent: The Florida-Georgia interconnection was represented as a two machine system. The machine equivalents consisted of an equivalent inertia constant and an equivalent transient reactance that were obtained by paralleling all the major generation in Florida and in the(More)
The IEEE/PSRC Substation Protection Subcommittee Working Group (WG) K5 on Ancillary Protective and Control Functions Common to Multiple Protective Relays have produced a document that addresses the considerations in applying the ancillary protection, control and monitoring functions that are commonly available in multiple relays and the integration of these(More)
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