C. Suchicital

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Silver as a die-attach material is a promising alternative to solder as demonstrated by pressure-assisted sintering experiments on silver paste. Unlike solder, the higher operating temperature capability of silver makes it suitable for high-temperature power-device applications. The laser flash technique, which is widely used to determine thermal(More)
Ferroelectric switching emission, dielectric switching emission, and pyroelectric emission were studied by patterning images on electron resist for electron emission lithography applications. It was observed that the pyroelectric emission is most acceptable for a high throughput 1:1 electron projection lithography application. A 1:1 electron projection(More)
This paper presents preliminary results of an ongoing faculty study group project on developing an international faculty support system at Virginia Tech. The first stage of this long-term project consists of a Website that will serve as a repository of teaching materials and resources to help new and interested international faculty succeed in the American(More)
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