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Meeting, socializing and conversing online with a group of people using teleconferencing systems is still quite different from the experience of meeting face to face. We are abruptly aware that we are online and that the people we are engaging with are not in close proximity. Analogous to how talking on the telephone does not replicate the experience of(More)
Many CNF formulas representing real-world problems exhibit symmetries. Various efforts have been made to deal with these symmetries efficiently. After Crawford et al [2], which gives a theoretical framework for detecting and exploiting symmetries, different suggestions have been posed to prevent the exponential blow up of overhead costs which shows up(More)
REVERIE – REal and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Im-mersive Environments – is a large scale collaborative project co-funded by the European Commission targeting novel research in the general domain of Networked Media and Search Systems. The project aims to bring about a revolution in 3D media and virtual reality by developing technologies for safe,(More)
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