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Response inhibition is disturbed in several disorders sharing impulse control deficits as a core symptom. Since response inhibition is a cognitively and neurally multifaceted function which has been shown to rely on differing neural subprocesses and neurotransmitter systems, further differentiation to define neurophysiological endophenotypes is essential.(More)
Coarse woody debris (CWD, dead wood sections ≥10 cm diameter) represents a large store of carbon in tropical forests; however, estimates of the flux of carbon from CWD in these forests remain poorly constrained. The objective of this study was to resolve the dry/wet season response of respiration in CWD (R cwd), and investigate the importance of biotic and(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnostic value of a contrast-enhanced T2-weighted FLAIR sequence (ceFLAIR) in brain imaging is unclear. HYPOTHESIS/OBJECTIVES That the number of brain lesions detected with ceFLAIR would be no greater than the sum of lesions detected with nFLAIR and ceT1W sequence. ANIMALS One hundred and twenty-nine animals (108 dogs and 21 cats)(More)
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