C. Soto Valero

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Numerical models have become one of the most powerful tools in biomechanics and mechanobiology allowing highly detailed simulations. One of the fields in which they have broadly evolved during the last years is in soft tissue modeling. Particularly, wound healing in the skin is one of the processes that has been approached by computational models due to the(More)
When the fresh fruit reaches the final markets from the suppliers, its quality is not always as good as it should, either because it has been mishandled during transportation or because it lacks an adequate quality control at the producer level, before being shipped. This is why it is necessary for the final markets to establish their own quality assessment(More)
1. INTRODUCTION The wine market is extraordinarily heterogeneous and qualitatively segmented. When it comes to wine, differentiating between price and quality is extremely complicated since it is inherently difficult to assess the quality of a wine, unlike other goods such as houses or cars. Generally speaking, assessing the quality of a wine is based on(More)
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