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Distinguishing insulators by the dominant type of interaction is a central problem in condensed matter physics. Basic models include the Bloch-Wilson and the Peierls insulator due to electron-lattice interactions, the Mott and the excitonic insulator caused by electron-electron interactions, and the Anderson insulator arising from electron-impurity(More)
Femtosecond time-resolved core-level photoemission spectroscopy with a free-electron laser is used to measure the atomic-site specific charge-order dynamics of the charge-density wave in the Mott insulator 1T-TaS2. After strong photoexcitation, a prompt loss of charge order and subsequent fast equilibration dynamics of the electron-lattice system are(More)
Time- and angle-resolved extreme ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy is used to directly determine the momentum-dependent electronic structure dynamics in the layered Peierls-Mott insulators 1T-TaS(2) and 1T-TaSe(2) on the sub-300 fs time scale. Extracted spectroscopic order parameters display a global two-time-scale dynamics indicating a(More)
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