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Using a rat model of adolescent social stress (SS, daily 1 h isolation and change of cage partner, 30-45 days of age), we have reported sex-specific effects on neuroendocrine function over the course of SS, and enduring effects of SS in females, and not males, on drug-related behaviour. Here, we investigated both the immediate and enduring impact of SS in(More)
  • C Smith
  • 1995
Evidence for the involvement of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep or paradoxical sleep (PS) with memory processing continues to accumulate. In animals, there is continuing evidence of relatively small, vulnerable paradoxical sleep windows (PSWs) following successful acquisition. These PSWs, which manifest as increases in PS over normal levels, appear to(More)
STUDY QUESTION Does advanced maternal age (AMA) in mice affect cardiometabolic health during post-natal life in offspring derived from an assisted reproduction technology (ART) procedure? SUMMARY ANSWER Offspring derived from blastocysts collected from aged female mice displayed impaired body weight gain, blood pressure, glucose metabolism and organ(More)
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