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Reaming debris is generated in the course of intramedullary reaming of long bones. Up to now there has been little information about the composition of reaming debris. Especially, it remains to be elucidated if reaming debris contains vital cells. The goal of the present vitro investigation has been the harvest of cells from human reaming debris and the(More)
Titanium alloys like Ti6Al4V are widely used in medical engineering. However, the mechanical and chemical properties of titanium alloys lead to poor machinability, resulting in high production costs of medical products. To improve the machinability of Ti6Al4V, 0.9% of the rare earth element lanthanum (La) was added. The microstructure, the mechanical, and(More)
Internal defects and strain in nanoparticles can influence their properties and therefore measuring these values is relevant. Powder diffraction techniques (neutron and synchrotron) are successfully used to characterize internal strain in the core-shell Ni(3)Si(Al)-SiO(x) nanoparticles having mean diameters of approximately 80 nm. The nanoparticles, which(More)
We describe a dynamical phase transition occurring within a shear band at high temperature and under extremely high shear rates. With increasing temperature, dislocation deformation and grain boundary sliding are supplanted by amorphization in a highly localized nanoscale band, which allows for massive strain and fracture. The mechanism is similar to shear(More)
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