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We review the radiometric ages of the 16 currently known Martian meteorites, classified as 11 shergottites (8 basaltic and 3 lherzolitic), 3 nakhlites (clinopyroxenites), Chassigny (a dunite), and the orthopyroxenite ALH84001. The basaltic shergottites represent surface lava flows, the others magmas that solidified at depth. Shock effects correlate with(More)
A prospective study was performed in 148 elderly patients (over 60 years old) whose intertrochanteric fractures were caused by moderate trauma. The patients were treated with dynamic hip screws and followed up for at least 2 years (average 34 months). The lag screw was placed as the biomechanical analysis favored. Follow-up showed that the majority achieved(More)
The synthesis of metal nanoparticles by ultrafast laser ablation of nanometers-thick metal films has been studied experimentally and computationally. Near-threshold backside laser ablation of 2–20 nm-thick Pt films deposited on fused silica substrates was found to produce nanoparticles with size distributions that were bimodal for the thicker films, but(More)
OBJECTIVE Significant mortality in patients with sepsis results from the development of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Small-volume resuscitation with 7.5% NaCl hypertonic saline has been proposed to restore physiologic hemodynamics in hemorrhagic shock. Therefore, we hypothesized that hypertonic saline resuscitation could alleviate the development of(More)
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