C. Shawn Tracy

Ross E. G Upshur2
Abdallah S Daar2
James V Lavery2
Peter A Singer2
Jerome A Singh2
2Ross E. G Upshur
2Abdallah S Daar
2James V Lavery
2Peter A Singer
2Jerome A Singh
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Policy Forum T he Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (http: ⁄⁄www. grandchallengesgh.org), the United States National Institutes of Health (http: ⁄⁄grants1.nih. gov/grants/index.cfm), the United Kingdom Wellcome Trust (http: ⁄⁄www.wellcome.ac.uk/funding), and others are increasing funding for research on diseases that affect the world's poor. The goal is to(More)
I n 2005, we launched the Ethical, Social and Cultural (ESC) Program for the Grand Challenges in Global Health (GCGH) initiative, as described in the fi rst article in this series [1]. To identify key ESC issues, we conducted group discussions with investigators and program offi cers from the GCGH projects, as well as interviews with developing world(More)
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