C. Sekar

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The concept of confinement states that in certain systems the constituent particles are bound together by an interaction for which the strength increases with increasing particle separation. One of the consequences of this is that these individual particles cannot be observed directly. The most famous example of confinement is found in particle physics(More)
A function f is called a graceful labelling of a graph G with q edges if f is an injection from the vertices of G to the set {0, is assigned the label |f (x) − f (y)| , the resulting edge labels are distinct. A graph G is said to be one modulo N graceful (where N is a positive integer) if there is a function φ such a way that (i) φ is 1 − 1 (ii) φ induces a(More)
The application effect of different formulations of Pseudomonas fluorescens siderophore viz., control, Pseudomonas fluorescens cells alone, Pseudomonas fluorescens + Fe + siderophore complex, Siderophore alone, Fe + siderophore complex alone and challenge inoculation of Pyricularia oryzae on the enhancement of growth and yield parameters and ISR mediated(More)
The orbital excitations of a series of transition-metal compounds are studied by means of optical spectroscopy. Our aim was to identify signatures of collective orbital excitations by comparison with experimental and theoretical results for predominantly local crystal-field excitations. K 4 Cu 4 OCl 10 , ranging from early to late transition-metal ions,(More)
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