C. Schlosser

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The pH of aqueous solutions is known to impact the chemical speciation of trace metals. In this study we conducted titrations of coastal seawaters with iron and copper at pH 7.91, 7.37, and 6.99 (expressed on the total pH scale). Changes in the concentration of iron and copper that complexed with the added ligands 1-nitroso-2-napthol and salicylaldoxime(More)
Iron is an essential nutrient for phytoplankton, but low concentrations limit primary production and associated atmospheric carbon drawdown in large parts of the world's oceans [1, 2]. Lithogenic particles deriving from aeolian dust deposition, glacial runoff, or river discharges can form an important source if the attached iron becomes dissolved and(More)
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Cities have a vital role to play in the realisation of sustainable development and poverty eradication in the context of a Green Economy. As more and more land is converted to urban uses, the patterns that this development assumes within the region around cities will have far-reaching effects both upon the world's economies, energy use and(More)
This paper provides an over view of a new international network of researchers, stakeholders, and end-users of remote sensing tools that will benefit the water resources management community. It discusses the concept of solutions networks focusing on the WaterNet and it invites EGU teams to join the in the initial stages of our WaterNet network. The NASA(More)
The evolution of the Internet has led to the fact that the requirements at services offered and their underlying applications constantly have been rising during the last years. In order to fulfil these requirements, cooperation of several independent and heterogeneous systems for bundling multiple services is necessary. Since the interplay and execution of(More)
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