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Participants of the Second International Workshop (WS) on human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) of the International Society of Oncology and Biomarkers Tissue Differentiation 7 (ISOBM TD-7) have characterized in detail a panel of 69 antibodies (Abs) directed against hCG and hCG-related variants that were submitted by eight companies and research groups.(More)
Automatic facial recognition is an attractive solution to the problem of computerised personal identification. In order to facilitate a cost effective solution, high levels of data reduction are required when storing the facial information. Vector Quantization has previously been used as a data reduction technique for the encoding of facial images. This(More)
Critical Issues Bulletins are published from time to time by The Fraser Institute (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) as supplements to Fraser Forum, the Institute's monthly periodical. Critical Issues Bulletins are comprehensive studies of single issues of critical importance for public policy. The author has worked independently and opinions expressed(More)
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