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We present measurements of transmission of infrared radiation through double-layer metallic grating structures. Each metal layer contains an array of subwavelength slits and supports transmission resonance in the absence of the other layer. The two metal layers are fabricated in close proximity to allow coupling of the evanescent field on individual layers.(More)
We present arrays of electrostatically actuated 64times64 piston-tip-tilt micromirrors realized using a surface micromachining 3-structural-layer polysilicon process. High fill factor, flat mirrors 120 mum in size have mechanical response in the order of 10 mus, with plusmn4 mechanical tip and tilt and 5 mum piston continuous, controllable range under 110(More)
In this paper, we tailor the evanescent field coupling between two metal layers with subwavelength slit arrays and created a half-wave plate that imparts a half-wave phase delay to one component of linear polarization. The polarization of linearly polarized light at 1.55 μm wavelength can be rotated by up to 90 degrees, with polarization extinction(More)
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