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MaleDermacentor variabilis andD. andersoni respond to an unknown chemical or chemicals present on the body surfaces of partially engorged conspecific female ticks. Following contact, the males mount the females and apply their mouthparts and legs against the female dorsal body surface. Then, the males turn with these appendages still in close contact and(More)
To the Editor, The Indian Medical Gazette. Sib,?In this country where surgical operations are unpopular and often fraught with great danger it is most useful to have in hand medicinal measures for the treatment of what is usually a surgical case. A Russian physician recommended to me the " Chologen treatment" for cholelithiasis. This treatment is carried(More)
Sir,?In the Indian Medical Gazette of (i) January 1938, page 17, (?) April 1938, page 254, (Hi) August 1938, page 468, you published articles and letters on the subject of the breeding places of Siphunculina junicola. Since 24th March, 1937, I have been carrying out an investigation to try and find out the natural breeding places of the Siphunculina(More)
The adoption and use of diversified cropping practices has become widely accepted by producers. However, the profitability of an enterprise is dependent on the biophysical and economic factors. The biophysical factors determine the enterprise relationship among the various crops, their interactions with the ecosystem, and how each of them fits into the(More)
The prospect of state government driven carbon emission reduction targets brings with it the prospect of local target setting. Such targets will need to be based on good quality estimates of energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions along with viable assumptions about reduction potential at the local level. So there is a growing requirement for good(More)
The reason for carrying out this investigati011 into the natural breeding places of the Siphuft' culina funicola fly is twofold. Firstly, because accurate knowledge of the life history of this fly is considered of importance, owing to probable connection with the spread of diseases* such as epidemic conjunctivitis and possibly yaws, and secondly, because(More)
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