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The spatial distribution of cortical neural clusters activated during movement of either hand ('bilateral' population), or only of one hand, was investigated in healthy right-handed volunteers performing a sequential finger opposition task, using echo-planar functional magnetic resonance imaging. 'Bilateral' clusters were found in the mesial premotor,(More)
OBJECTIVES Although decreasing in frequency, Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteremia is still a major challenge for neutropenic cancer patients. In patients with hematologic malignancies, the prognosis of P. aeruginosa bacteremia is particularly poor due to the prolonged and severe neutropenia, mucosal damage, and other defects in immunity related both to the(More)
The use of oral itraconazole (200 mg daily) plus nasal amphotericin B (10 mg daily) for prophylaxis of invasive aspergillosis was evaluated in 164 patients with hematological malignancies at risk due to presence of neutropenia and/or steroid therapy. This prophylactic regimen was evaluated for a period of two years. Two hundred and ninety patients with(More)
BACKGROUND In invasive aspergillosis, the duration of neutropenia is an accepted risk factor, and recovery from neutropenia is generally associated with a favourable outcome. However, the rapidity of granulocyte recovery may rarely be associated with adverse sequelae. The purpose of this study was to define the relationship between neutrophil(More)
Proteases are some of the most important industrial enzymes, and one of their main applications is for the production of cheese in the dairy industry. Due to a shortage of animal rennet, microbial coagulant proteases are being sought. In this work, the production of microbial rennet from Thermomucor indicae-seudaticae N31 was studied in submerged(More)
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