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This paper mainly analysis and describe the design issue of stream ciphers in Network security as the streams are widely used to protecting the privacy of digital information. A variety of attacks against stream cipher exist;(algebraic and so on). These attacks have been very successful against a variety of stream ciphers. So in this paper efforts have been(More)
In this paper I investigate factors of the testability of structured programs. The starting point is given by a study of the literature to obtain both an initial model of testability and existing models related to testability. The main objective of this paper is to propose models for the estimation of testability (Tb), on the basis of various affecting(More)
This paper is introducing a model, which are used to evaluate the expected quality of software modules during incremental development of software system. This is not only focus on modification of existing system, but also focus to find the methods for developing high quality of software products at reasonable cost. As we know that software modules or(More)
In distributed computing field, there are many challenges, and one of them is leader election in distributed system. It is really tough task to find suitable and efficient algorithms for leader election. The main role of an elected leader is that it performs a centralized coordination after being selected and manages the use of a shared resource in an(More)
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