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Due to the explosive growth in mobile communication, energy efficiency in mobile networks has become an important factor for future design. In this context battery power in user equipment (UE) is always a concern; requirement of high data demand with high QoS led to further increase in power consumption. A lot of computation is due to excess processing of(More)
Centella asiatica is a well-known medicinal plant, produces large amount of triterpenoid saponins, collectively known as centelloids, with a wide-spectrum of pharmacological applications. Various strategies have been developed for the production of plant secondary metabolites in cell and tissue cultures; one of these is modular metabolic engineering, in(More)
—Agile Software development methodology is most emerging in software development, there has been a significant contribution from many researchers towards estimating the size, cost, schedule, effort and duration. However, the approaches reported in the literature lack in considering the evolution of biological systems for better optimization in agile. Here(More)
Targeting protein kinases (PKs) has been a promising strategy in treating cancer, as PKs are key regulators of cell survival and proliferation. Here in this study, we studied the ability of pyrimido[4',5':4,5]thieno(2,3-b)quinolines (PTQ) to inhibit different PKs by performing computational docking and in vitro screening. Docking studies revealed that(More)
  • C. S. Kumar
  • 1988
This correspondence provides a simple algebraic criterion<lb>to check if a given 2-D MIMO filter described by a nonsingular transfer<lb>matrix is in fact a cascade of two 1-D filters with a minimal number of<lb>inputs and outputs. The criterion offers the advantage that whenever<lb>a filter is found to be separable, it is almost trivial to construct the(More)
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