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The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) has been demonstrated to play an important role in the affective dimension of pain. Although much evidence has pointed to an increased excitatory synaptic transmission in the ACC in some of the pathological pain state, the inhibitory synaptic transmission in this process has not been well studied. Also, the overall(More)
We present a phenomenological study of the xF dependence of quarkonium production in high energy proton-nucleus collisions. The xF dependence of comover contributions is introduced to account for the observed quarkonium suppression at low xF . Combining comover contributions, nuclear shadowing e ect, energy loss mechanism and nuclear absorption together we(More)
We have studied the phase diagram and evolution of a strangelet in equilibrium with a finite hadronic gas. Significant finite size modifications of the phase diagram are found and their parameter dependences are studied. With the inclusion of finite size effects we have also been able to obtain the detailed properties of the cold strangelet emerging in the(More)
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