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Complex networks have been studied intensively for a decade, but research still focuses on the limited case of a single, non-interacting network. Modern systems are coupled together and therefore should be modelled as interdependent networks. A fundamental property of interdependent networks is that failure of nodes in one network may lead to failure of(More)
Aplysina is the best representative genus of the family Aplysinidae. Halogenated substances are its main class of metabolites. These substances contribute greatly to the chemotaxonomy and characterization of the sponges belonging to this genus. Due to their pharmacological activities, these alkaloids are of special interest. The chemistry of halogenated(More)
Curine is a natural alkaloid isolated from Chondrodendron platyphyllum and it has been reported that this alkaloid has vasodilatory and anti-inflammatory effects. The aim of this study is to analyze the cytotoxic effects of curine in cancer cell lines HL-60, K562, and HT-29, and in primary cultures of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC). Cells were(More)
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