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Cupric oxide (CuO) thin film was sputtered onto fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) coated glass substrate and incorporated into a photoelectrochemical (PEC) cell as a photocathode. Through in situ nanocrystal engineering, sputtered CuO film shows an improvement in its stability and photocurrent generation capability. For the same CuO film thickness (150 nm),(More)
Cocatalysts, when loaded onto a water splitting photocatalyst, accelerate the gas evolution reaction and improve the efficiency of the photocatalyst. In this paper, we report that the efficiency of the photocatalyst is enhanced using an amorphous cobalt oxide cocatalyst. The WO3 film, when loaded with amorphous or nanocrystalline Co3O4, shows an improvement(More)
Cu2O and CuO are attractive photocatalytic materials for water splitting due to their earth abundance and low cost. In this paper, we report the deposition of Cu2O and CuO thin films by a sol-gel spin-coating process. Sol-gel deposition has distinctive advantages such as low-cost solution processing and uniform film formation over large areas with a precise(More)
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