C S Chandler

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE More general practitioners are offering physiotherapy services within primary healthcare; however, this provision may result in increased demand. Resource allocation, based on previous patterns of consultation for musculoskeletal conditions, may be inadequate since the need for treatment in the community may not have been met in the(More)
are high: around 50% at 1 year and 70% at 4 years. Relapse prevention teaches people to recognise and manage early warning signs of mania and depression, and can increase time to recurrence, reduce the need for hospitalisation and improve functioning. However, previous studies used specialist services, expert therapists or extensive therapy, which are not(More)
Background:Although EGFR inhibitors have shown some success in the treatment of head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCCs), the results are not dramatic. Additional molecular targets are urgently needed. We previously showed that the loss of Ron receptor activity significantly slowed squamous tumour growth and progression in a murine model. Based on(More)