C. S. Bresolin

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The phase-change memory (PCM) technology represents one of the most attractive concepts for next generation data storage. PCM operation is based on the particular properties of a chalcogenide alloy, the ternary compound Ge<inf>2</inf>Sb<inf>2</inf>Te<inf>5</inf>, which is able to perform fast and reversible transitions between a crystalline, high-conductive(More)
The phase change active material exploration represents an important stage in order to further strengthen the know-how on the Phase Change Memory (PCM) technology. This work reports a path for PCM material exploration toward the tellurium poor region of the GeSbTe (GST) ternary compound system. Data retention enhancement is reported and associated to a(More)
We have measured electrical resistance R as function of temperature T in the range 2 % 20 K of severaL P implanted Silicon bolonmeters with the aim of optimize the characteristics of the bolometers. We have investigated the R(T) behavior of several samples obtaitned by varying implant conditions, depth profile and annealing.
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