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Measurement of multiphase flow of gas, oil and water is not at all trivial and in spite of considerable achievements over the past two decades, important challenges remain (Corneliussen et al., 2005). These are related to reducing measurement uncertainties arising from variations in the flow regime, improving long term stability and developing new means for(More)
An important application of computed tomography (CT) is that of non-destructive measurements of multiphase flows; an application area with high priority especially within the petroleum industry. Fourth generation CT scanners equipped with a rotating X-ray source are not sufficiently rapid to capture the flow dynamics typically present in multiphase flows.(More)
[1] The nitric oxide (NO) density in the lower thermosphere has been calculated by a photochemical model for NOx and compared with measured NO densities from Student Nitric Oxide Explorer (SNOE). At higher latitudes the most important contributor for NO density increases is energetic electron precipitation. The electron energy is estimated in two ways, from(More)
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