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This study investigated the feasibility of using behavioral activation to treat enduring postbereavement mental health difficulties using a two-arm, multiple baseline design comparing an immediate start group to a delayed start group at baseline, 12-, 24-, and 36-weeks postrandomization. Participants received 12-14 sessions of behavioral activation within a(More)
The death of a significant other often entails far-reaching changes in individuals' life that can contribute to pathological grief responses. This article reviews 3 prominent theories of grief resolution, highlights common factors proposed to be associated with pathological grief responses, and suggests that behavioral activation (Martell, Addis, &(More)
PROJECT DESCRIPTION The heterogeneity a n d v olatility of open distributed systems make high assurance security a n elusive goal. One solution is to provide developers with tools for designing and implementing robust object systems with veriiable behavior in open environments (Cleaveland et al., 1 9 9 4). The Meta-Object Operating System Environment(More)
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