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  • C. Ronse
  • J. Visual Communication and Image Representation
  • 1996
X % A 5 < x[X Ax. (1.2) The extraction of copies of a template appearing in a figure can be defined as the composition of a hit-or-miss transform by a pair of structuring elements, followed by a dilation by the The opening by A transforms X into X n A, the union of first structuring element. On the other hand, the operation of all translates of A included(More)
Horn's model of surface reeectance shows that edges in three-dimensional surfaces lead to grey-level edges combining in various ways sharp or rounded steps, lines and roofs. The perceptual analysis of extended edges necessicates the localization not only of step and line edges, but also of roof edges and Mach bands, and more generally of discontinuities and(More)
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