C Romo-Barrientos

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INTRODUCTION The principal problem of ADHD is the difficulty to execute inhibitory control. The inhibition is an executive function that is develop during childhood. AIM To know if other executive functions shower a lower performance in ADHD versus control group and these were different between ADHD-I and ADHD-C. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fifty three(More)
INTRODUCTION Research concerning the prevalence of Parkinson disease (PD) are scarce; in addition with different methodologies. Therefore it is not possible to determine its true impact on public health in Castilla-La Mancha (CLM), Spain. OBJECTIVE Determine the prevalence of PD in CLM (332.0 and 332.1 of the ICD-9th revision) by the consumption of(More)
INTRODUCTION Multiple sclerosis (MS) causes a degree of disability in young adults which hampers everyday activities. The aetiology and predisposing factors are unknown. OBJECTIVE To find the degree of disability (DD) and index of progression (IP) together with the possible associated prognostic factors in MS patients of the Spanish Multiple Sclerosis(More)
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