C. Richard Snow

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Developing and applying advanced approaches for system structuring is vital for fighting ever-increasing complexity of modern and future software systems. The concept of Coordinated Atomic (CA) actions has been developed at Newcastle University for designing and structuring complex concurrent and distributed applications. Certain successful experience has(More)
Prior to 1994, student registration at Newcastle University involved students being registered in a single place, where they would present a form which had previously been filled in by the student and their department. After registration this information was then transferred to a computerised format. The University decided that the entire registration(More)
1. In the Executive Summary, in the text box titled " Amendments to the BSAI King and Tanner Crab FMP " , delete " (proposed) " after Amendments 12 and 16, and insert the following description of Amendment 40 in sequential order: 40. Revisions to essential fish habitat information (revised Amendment 16). 2. In Section, Description of Habitat Areas(More)
SUMMARY This paper describes a simple authentication protocol for use with terminal emulation programs running on small workstations, and communicating with a host computer over a (potentially) insecure network. The technique has the advantage that it requires no more network traffic than would be necessary using a standard user-id/password challenge, and(More)
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