C. Reyneri

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The complexity of modern enterprises makes enterprise modeling a major issue. The need for integrating several different features requires a powerful modeling technique, such as CIMOSA, able to represent functional, control, informational and organizational aspects. However, the study of a system yields limited results as long as it only consists of(More)
PARADIGMA (PARticipative Approach to DIsease Global Management) is a pilot project which aims to develop and demonstrate an Internet based reference framework to share scientific resources and findings in the treatment of major diseases. PARADIGMA defines and disseminates a common methodology and optimised protocols (Clinical Pathways) to support service(More)
This paper shows how the CIMOSA modeling approach can be made operational using existing object-oriented techniques and tools, such as Artifex and Quid. The main beneets include: a graphical representation of functional and informational aspects, the simulation and graphical animation of the model, the automatic generation of prototypes as well as of(More)
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