C Ramannair Chenthamarakshan

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This paper describes TiO2 nanotube arrays prepared by anodic oxidation of Ti substrates using pulse voltage waveforms. Voltages were pulsed between 20 and -4 V or between 20 and 0 V with varying(More)
The photoelectrochemical response of nanoporous films, obtained by anodization of Ti and W substrates in a variety of corrosive media and at preselected voltages in the range from 10 to 60 V, was(More)
The photoelectrochemical behavior of TiO2 thin film electrodes, photocatalytically modified with Se islands, is described. The TiO2 thin films were electrodeposited on transparent conducting oxide(More)
Vacuum anneal induced changes in the surface layers of electrodeposited copper(I) oxide (Cu2O) were probed by time-of-flight positron annihilation induced Auger electron spectroscopy (TOF-PAES) and(More)
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