C. Rajagopalan

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In this paper a new control algorithm for a Series Hybrid Active Power Filter (SHAPF) is proposed. With the proposed control algorithm, the series active power filter simultaneously compensates for source voltage unbalance and source current harmonics generated by non-linear loads. The proposed control algorithm is based on the generalised instantaneous(More)
The influence of different levels of nitrogen on the incidence of downy mildew disease of pearl millet on different varieties was studied under field conditions. Nitrogen nutrition to the host did not have much influence on the disease incidence. Among the three hybrid varieties of pearl millet tested J 1270 exhibited resistance to downy mildew incidence(More)
An investigation on the effect of different levels of nitrogen on the incidence of Verticillium wilt disease of egg plant was carried out. Application of nitrogen to the host increases susceptibility to Verticillium wilt disease. The initial symptoms of disease appeared on the 6th day in plants fertilized with 200 kg and 400 kg N/ha following inoculation of(More)
Abstract—This paper deals with grouping of entities in a fleet based on their behavior. The behavior of each entity is characterized by its historical dataset, which comprises a dependent variable, typically a performance measure, and multiple independent variables, typically operating conditions. A regression model built using this dataset is used as a(More)
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