C Radouco-Thomas

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The effects of T-2 toxin on protein synthesis were tested in two reticulocyte lysate in vitro systems pretreated with micrococcal nuclease. One of the test systems contained purified globin mRNA and was initiation dependent. The other contained rat brain polysomes and incorporated amino acids by an elongation dependent process. T-2 toxin inhibited the(More)
Alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) activities were determined in adult flies from several Drosophila species endowed with widely different tolerance to ethanol (ETOH). Plotting ALDH against ADH activities resulted in a high correlation coefficient (r = 0.966). This finding was confirmed in developmental studies. From early larval(More)
The presence of psychopathological syndromes in alcoholic in-patients was assessed using the NIMH-Diagnosis. The most stricking finding of this study was the high percentage of additional psychopathological syndromes associated to alcoholism. Based on this finding, a tentative classification of alcoholism is proposed. The urgent need for a comprehensive(More)
Some basic concepts and trends which appear to be essential in the search for biological markers in mental disorders are discussed. Comments related to major psychosis and alcoholism are presented under three headings: (i) heterogeneity of disorders (ii) multifactoriality of disorders and (iii) mental disorders as genetically influenced disorders. Tentative(More)