C. Racanicchi

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Some parameters of rhythmic mechanical and electrical events of guinea-pig gall-bladder were investigated. Pressure-volume (P-V) responses, extracellular electrical activity and gall-bladder morphology were recorded. Rhythmic gall-bladder activity consisted of waves of pressure at intraluminal volumes between 0.5 and 1.8 ml. The pressure waveforms developed(More)
The in vitro spontaneous mechanical and electrical activity of the non-pregnant rat uterine horn was investigated. An isometric isovolumic preparation was used to obtain records of intraluminal pressure, axial force, extracellular electrical activity and horn morphology. Mean intraluminal pressure was 28.6 cmH2O and mean force 2.5 g. Burst electrical(More)
Isolated rat duodenum shows spontaneous mechanical and electrical activities. Mechanical activity consists in changes both in endoluminal pressure and in isometric tension. Electrical activity is characterized by slow waves with superimposed bursts. This spontaneous activity is tetrodotoxin (TTX) resistant and therefore it is myogenic in origin. Indeed, TTX(More)
The role of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP), as a possible neurotransmitter of the intrinsic nerve plexus in the guinea pig gallbladder, was investigated by monitoring spontaneous contractile activity. VIP receptor antagonist (4 Cl-D-Phe6, Leu17)-VIP did not produce any effect on muscular tone and spontaneous activity, whereas (N-Ac-Tyr1,(More)
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