C. R. Traas

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Abstract. Some new results on multivariate simplex B-splines and their practical application are presented. New recurrence relations are derived based on [2] and 115]. Remarks on boundary conditions are given and an example of an application of bivariate quadratic simplex splines is presented. The application concerns the approximation of a surface which is(More)
The condition equations are derived by the introduction of a system of equivalent differential equations, avoiding the usual formalism with trees and elementary differentials. Solutions to the condition equations are found by direct numerical optimization, during which simplifying assumptions upon the Runge-Kutta coefficients may or may not be used.(More)
The applicability of advanced numerical methods for the solution of the orbit determination problem is studied. The dynamics of the observed object is written as a system of integral equations. This system is solved numerically by representing the components of the force function as linear combinations of B-splines and by applying the multigrid technique.(More)
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