C. R. Thomas

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Keywords: Water quality improvement Agricultural land use Trade-offs Social costs Diffuse source pollution Great Barrier Reef Sugarcane industry a b s t r a c t Water quality improvements achieved through changes in agricultural land use and management practices can impose a number of trade-offs on communities. Impacts such as reduced regional productivity(More)
Invasive species pose a substantial risk to native biodiversity. As distributions of invasive species shift in response to changes in climate so will management priorities and investment. To develop cost-effective invasive species management strategies into the future it is necessary to understand how species distributions are likely to change over time and(More)
Australia has experienced dramatic declines and extinctions of its native rodent species over the last 200 years, particularly in southern Australia. In the tropical savanna of northern Australia significant declines have occurred only in recent decades. The later onset of these declines suggests that the causes may differ from earlier declines in the(More)
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