C. R. South

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An internationally coordinated series of subjective listening experiments was conducted on the 16 kbit/s, LD-CELP algorithm, before its adoption as a CCITI" Recommendation (G.728). In this paper we describe the measurement methods employed and report on re..,ults obtained of the performance of the algorithm, under realistic network conditions.(More)
Currently there is great interest in graphene-based devices and applications. The main advantages of graphene include excellent conductive and mechanical properties. The applications of graphene cover a wide range of possibilities, from next-generation transistors to light-weight, high-strength composite materials. However, commercial use of graphene will(More)
Lactoferrin is a multifunctional glycoprotein with a range of antimicrobial and immune-related properties that is found at >10-fold higher concentration in human milk (~1.7 g/L) relative to bovine milk (~0.15 g/L). Consumer demand is increasing for bovine lactoferrin through a wide range of nutritional and cosmetic consumer products. Increasing lactoferrin(More)
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