C R Ricketts

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A common problem among the elderly is a difficulty in discriminating speech sounds. One factor that may contribute to this is a deterioration in the ability to process dynamic aspects of speech such as formant transitions. For the aging auditory system, this deterioration in temporal processing speed may be manifest as a deficit in encoding time-varying(More)
Responses to frequency modulated (FM) sweeps were recorded in rat primary auditory cortex. Forty-four percent of the cells were direction-selective. For speed selectivity, the majority of the cells preferred faster sweeps. The results suggest that rat auditory cortex may be used for processing communication signals of their predators or for detecting(More)
The concentration of circulating ferritin was measured in 250 normal adult women and 229 women presenting with early breast cancer. Ferritin concentrations are higher in cancer patients than in normal women. Patients with an intial circulating ferritin concentration above 200 mug/1 have a higher tumour recurrence rate during the subsequent 4 years.
Objective: To examine the relationship between fat preference, dietary intake data and body composition in children.Subject and Methods: Subjects studied were 88 children aged 9--12 y from two elementary schools in Ohio. Measures for dietary intake and body composition were obtained by 3 day diet records, anthropometrics, triceps and subscapular skinfolds.(More)
Alström syndrome is a rare monogenic disorder characterised by retinal dystrophy, deafness and obesity. Patients also have insulin resistance, central obesity and dyslipidaemia, thus showing similarities with type 2 diabetes. Rare mutations in the ALMS1 gene cause severe gene disruption in Alström patients; however, ALMS1 gene polymorphisms are common in(More)
The British Heart Foundation and the Chest, Heart and Stroke Association have allocated funds to develop cardiac rehabilitation programmes. We have recently completed and now evaluate an exercise-based rehabilitation course reinforced with advice about return to normal activity for 110 patients who had suffered acute myocardial infarction. Patients admitted(More)
The plasma iron clearance half-time and plasma iron turnover have usually been interpreted as measures of total erythroid activity and the red-cell utilization of 59Fe has been equated with effective red-cell production. Erythrocyte iron turnover has sometimes been calculated as the product of plasma iron turnover and percentage utilization. We have(More)
Existing ferrokinetic methods do not provide a direct and quantitative measurement of effective and ineffective red cell production. A new method is described for calculating the daily uptake of iron by maturing red cells and the mean red cell lifespan. Ineffective erythropoiesis and non-erythroid iron turnover are also measured. The method involves(More)
AimThis study measures changes in tear film lipid layer thickness (LLT) and ocular comfort in normal subjects after 10 min use of a novel device, which delivers meibomian therapy with latent heat. The device is designed to promote the release of meibomian sebum into the tear film by delivering latent heat to the eyelids, thus thickening the lipid layer.(More)
BACKGROUND To measure changes in tear-film lipid-layer thickness (LLT) and symptoms in patients with dry eye symptoms with and without Sjögren's syndrome after using a novel device. The device is designed to promote release of meibomian sebum into the tear film by delivering latent heat to the eyelids. STUDY DESIGN Two prospective, controlled, randomised,(More)