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AIM To estimate the prevalence and study the socio-demographic correlates of type 2 diabetes among adults aged 30 years and above. SETTING AND DESIGN A cross-sectional community-based survey, among individuals of either sex, aged 30 years and above was carried out in the field practice area of a medical college. METHODS AND MATERIALS The study was(More)
Hypertension is a premier risk factor for cardiovascular disease which can be recognized if sought and treated effectively. Effective management of high blood pressure is possible when the magnitude of the problem is identified. So, a cross-sectional community based survey among 1,239 respondents aged ≥30 years was designed to estimate the prevalence and(More)
Several e-marketing applications rely on the ability to understand the structure of social networks. Social networks can be represented as graphs with customers as nodes and their interactions as edges. Most real world social networks are known to contain extremely dense subgraphs (also called as communities) which often provide critical insights about the(More)
The role of music in increasing the exercise performance is well recognised. There is very little information about effect of music on time taken for post exercise recovery. We examined the effect of music and different musical tempo on post exercise recovery time, following treadmill work. 30 volunteers (15 male, 15 female) subjected to isotonic exercise(More)