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A recently developed quasi two-dimensional exact-exchange formalism within the framework of Density Functional Theory has been applied to a strongly inhomogeneous interacting electron gas, and the results were compared with state-of-the-art Variational Quantum Monte Carlo (VMC) numerical simulations for a three-dimensional electron gas under a strong(More)
Explicitly orbital-dependent approximations to the exchange-correlation energy functional of density functional theory typically not only depend on the single-particle Kohn-Sham orbitals but also on their occupation numbers in the ground-state Slater determinant. The variational calculation of the corresponding exchange-correlation potentials with the(More)
The behavior of the surface barrier that forms at the metal-vacuum interface is important for several fields of surface science. Within the density functional theory framework, this surface barrier has two nontrivial components: exchange and correlation. Exact results are provided for the exchange component, for a jellium metal-vacuum interface, in a slab(More)
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