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Alternative splicing of the JC Virus (JCV) precursor early mRNA yields five transcripts that encode proteins that regulate the life cycle of this human polyomavirus. Large T protein (TAg) mediates viral DNA replication and oncogenic activities, and small t protein influences these functions under certain conditions. Recently, three new early proteins,(More)
The amino termini of polyomavirus T antigens contain LXCXE and J domains, which are necessary for binding and inactivating the retinoblastoma family of tumor suppressors. Both of these motifs are found in the JC virus (JCV) early proteins T'(135), T'(136), and T'(165), leading to the suggestion that these recently discovered proteins complement the(More)
This paper presents an effort to use formal tools to model, validate, and generate test suites for the ATM network routing protocol called Private Network-Network Interface (PNNI). PNNI consists of three layers of protocols: the Hello protocol for identifying the status of NNIs; the Database Synchronization protocol for maintenance of routing databases; and(More)
In this paper, we describe an aircraft loading problem submitted by the French military agency (DGA) as part of a more general military airlift planning problem. It can be viewed as a kind of bi-dimensional bin-packing problem, with heterogeneous bins and several additional constraints. We introduce two-phase methods for solving this NP-hard problem. The(More)
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