C. R. McClenahan

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Several potential applications such as medical waste treatment, chemical waste treatment, food treatment, and flue gas cleanup have been identified for high average power electron beam systems. In the RHEPP (Repetitive High Energy Pulsed Power) project, the technology for such a system is being developed. The RHEPP module consists of a magnetic pulse(More)
The low power checkout of the Repetitive High Energy Pulsed rcr (RHEPP) pulse forming line (PFL) and linear induction age adder (LIVA) is complete. The accelerator has four LIVA ties driven via coaxial cables from the PFL that utilizes magnetic ching to provide a 250-kV, 60-11s output pulse. The PFL is titively charged by a ten stage Marx generator to(More)
High average power pulse compression systems are being considered for use in several applications. The Repetitive High Energy Pulsed Power (RHEPP) system will consist of a 7 stage magnetic pulse compressor driving a linear induction voltage adder with an e-beam diode load. It is being designed to deliver 350 kW of average power to the diode in 50 ns FWHM,(More)
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